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To compensate for the lack of experience for the young EDCs, a first Romanian version of the Vademecum for the Management of the EDCs will be available by the end of , and it will be developped during the following year on the research methods regarding the users profile and their information necessities, including tutorials about accessing the scientific databases and training for the staff. L'objectif déclaré de cette édition est de présenter des exemples d'actions novatrices et de créer un lieu de partage des expériences différentes - des idées déjà mises en œuvre et leurs résultats. The conglomerate is seeking to re-shapeitself as a media group focused on music and pay-TV and isselling out of Maroc Telecom and video games publisherActivision.

Financing of numerous research projects on national and European level oriented towards the "digital library" concept, in many countries, as well as European documents concerning the establishment of national digital libraries led to the emergence of numerous digital collections. These are created in libraries as well as in other structures that don't necessarily have library functions but are employed in the process of information-documentation for various users' communities, researchers' communities, public employees, etc.

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The emergence of digital collections implicitly led to the necessity of collaboration and cooperation on institutional and functional levels, directly affecting the services utilised. In this respect Europeana Europeana Digital Library is significant. The existence of the digital content, sometimes its overlapping, brought to life new concepts such as users' management, digital collection management, etc.

These services can be found in a larger or smaller extend in computerized libraries with digital collections backed by an suitable software instrument.

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The fundamental difference is the shifting from a service oriented towards library to a service oriented towards Web, sustained by suitable communication networks. In a broader approach, this kind of services can be stored on CLOOUD type platforms, available for libraries and implicitly for users.

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In this respect the transition from the digital library to the virtual one becomes obvious. The elements that define these two concepts are presented in the illustration below: Digital library collection : o repository of digital documents and information managed with ICT instruments; o High performance computing resources made available for specific functions semantic search, automated classification and tabulation of information, automated keyword and knowledge extraction ; Virtual Library: o Shared repository of knowledges, physically dematerialized; 10 24 International Conference on Library and Information Science BIBLIO o virtual organisation administering digital and informatics resources for a community ensures the management of information, documents and users ; o collaborative environment for education and scientific research.

University libraries have all necessary elements for the development of content-based e- Services. The main arguments are: - numerous users that can also produce quality, up-to-date content in various areas professors and researchers activating in universities ; - the current trend in education of promoting e-learning systems; - suitable ICT infrastructures present in all universities high-speed networks, equipment, Grid platforms, Cloud platforms, etc.

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On the other hand, objectives of universities related to the development of ICT abilities for students, along with study support on electronic media, concur in a definite manner to the emergence of procedures strictly related to e-services. The schematic diagram of the operation-oriented e-services platform for Libraries is described as fallows: The functional scheme of the service platform for libraries Conclusions Creating hardware and software platforms to support e-services within a library may be speed ​​dating în clinton township mi new approach towards modernisation of libraries.

Achieving such a model to comply with the present information trends involves a significant effort for organisation, standardisation and cooperation. Equally, the interoperability of library systems must have a central role in the strategy and the policy of creating a services platform for libraries.

This implies the transition from "raw data" to the computerised service, thus e-services. Banciu, Doina, Năstase, Pavel. În: Computerworld, martiepag Banciu, Doina. Digital Libraries from Concept to Practice. The presentation of the Romanian network is followed by a study structured on four investigation directions: general information about the EDCs, staff and IT equipment; analysis of the websites; analysis of the collections and informational behaviour shown by the users; organisation of access to information and collaboration in the EDC.

Benefiting from the support of the Representation of the EC in Bucharest, these structures, integrated in the Europe Direct Network, ensure the communication of the priorities presented by the EU institutions and their development areas are subordinate to this mission.

Thecompany is burdened by nearly 29 billion euros of net debt. Larry spune: A few months over the counter drug like clomid iui This means capital expenditure will reduce significantly in to around million pounds from an expected 1. Thereafter, Morrisons expects anannual rate of about million pounds. The conglomerate is seeking to re-shapeitself as a media group focused on music and pay-TV and isselling out of Maroc Telecom and video games publisherActivision.

Key words: European Union, European Documentation Centre, info-documentary structure, information resources, survey. Introduction was an exceptional year that institute recenzii the accession of Romania in the EU. The EDC mission is to grow, organize, process, enrich and host collections of books, serials, articles, electronic publications in the EU field, as well as to create the informational environment in order to support the educational and research activities about EU for the Romanian university community.

In keeping with this trend towards greater openness, the Library makes its collections accessible to non-specific users - the business community, high-school economy teachers and lawyers, economists - people with an interest in learning about the impact speed ​​dating în clinton township mi the process of Community integration. The aim of this paper is to present some results from research undertaken into the informational behavior of these new info-documentary structures users.

Furthermore, data 27 BIBLIO International Conference on Library and Information Science from this research will be used in a future study to make a comparison between the preferences and the way of documentation of the Romanian customers and the users in countries where the first centres were established since the early 60s.

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Romanian network presentation The evolution of the network meant 12 centres founded inas an effect of the application forms sent to the European Commission Representation in Bucharest; intwo other centres got successful admission; finally, has marked speed ​​dating în clinton township mi entry of the most recent 2 new members in the Romanian EDCs family. This is a proof of our pro-european orientation and redefining the libraries and universities according to the information needs of the 21st century new customer.

In terms of network architecture, 13 centres are operating in public and private universities, 2 centres are hosted and coordinated by Central University Libraries and 1 centre in a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This diversity of structures which have chosen to integrate an EDC renders the specificity of the Romanian network, taking into account the fact that on European level this kind of centres are run in the universities.

The analysis of the map with the geographical position of the network figure 1 highlights the equilibrium as regards the disposal on the territory as well as the fact that the important universities host this kind of centres, with a few exceptions.


Among the tools and services provided by an EDC we mention: 1. Assistance and training to use resources and for information retrieval; 3.

Figure 1. For example, the students from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry are interested, while elaborating Toxicology papers, in European legislation and policies related to this subject i.

Contamination via chemical products. Typically, the documentation and information resources owned by an EDC provide both high level documentation and general information. The first category includes books and periodicals printed, electronic CDs, DVDs, and online databases, and the second - brochures, posters, flyers distributed free of charge by Publications Office. Even more, when there is organized an event about the communication priorities of the European institutions, the EDCs have the possibility to order free of charge speed ​​dating în clinton township mi the bookshop, as privileged partners, publications which would support that particular activity.

Considering the diversity of the host-structures as well as the different degree of training of the staff, in there were organized Training sessions and specialization courses for the professionals involved in collection management from the European documentation centres.

It is remarkable and at the same time an exemple to be followed by all the employers in the Romanian system of libraries the fact that the Representation focusses on the human factor in the network, the one which actually ensures descentralised communication, localised debates, in other words the fulfilment of the challenges faced by the Directorate-General Communication of the European Commission.

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The communication with the users is achieved by means of EDCs web pages i. Alba : persoane se află izolate la domiciliu, iar o persoană se află în carantină. La nivelul județului Alba, pentru prevenirea eventualelor îmbolnăviri, persoane se află izolate la domiciliu, iar o persoană se află în carantină, în compartimentul de dermatovenerologie din cadrul secției de boli infecțioase a Spitalului Județean de Urgență Alba Iulia. This is wonderful up here. I never knew New York looked like this exactly.

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E-nformation S. C est une démarche nécessaire, mais pas suffisante pour le développement durable des structures info documentaires, étant donné que les valeurs et les convictions des bibliothécaires, plutôt traditionnelles et fermement enracinées, limitent la réactivité au changement et à l'innovation. Par conséquent, les bibliothèques doivent devenir des organisations ouvertes au processus d'innovation, capables à s'adapter, dans le nouveau monde globalisé, hautement concurrentiel et basé sur la connaissance. Les nouvelles technologies, les méthodes modernes de planification et d'exploitation des ressources, la redéfinition des relations avec les utilisateurs conduisent à la nécessité de l'innovation et de la créativité dans les bibliothèques, dans les services et les offres d informations, dans les facilités destinées à fournir les informations aux bénéficiaires, avec un maximum de promptitude, de qualité et d'attractivité. Dans ce contexte, le but de la Conférence BIBLIO est celui d offrir aux professionnels de la science de l'information un milieu propice à l échange des idées pour générer des solutions innovantes.

No, I spent most of the time dreaming of rugby. Țară după țară, în mai multe continente, au beneficiat și încă mai beneficiază de situația strategică asigurată de funcționarea tratatului Bretton Woods și înregistrează creșteri economice spectaculoase de ex.

În Europa, existența monedei unice nu ar fi fost posibilă fără protecția și securitatea economică oferite de Bretton Woods, ambele gratuite.

  • Actualitate Ce avea în casă un colonel din cadrul Serviciul de Securitate rusesc: 72 milioane de dolari, 8 milioane de euro şi milioane de ruble.
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Populația planetei s-a triplat. Războaiele masive, devastatoare din trecut, franco-germane, ruso-turce, japono-chineze-coreene, au încetat pur și simplu din cauză că influența și presiunea bogăției și securității Americii au descurajat manifestările belicoase pe scară națională. În consecință, Uniunea Sovietică nu a avut niciodată o șansă reală de a schimba Europa de vest. Restul lumii va trebui să se descurce pe cont propriu.

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Țările fără o izolare geografică prin care să fie puse la adăpost de invazii militare sau imigraționiste, fără o demografie sănătoasă și stabilă, fără independență energetică sau acces la surse de energie se vor confrunta cu provocări serioase în timpul Dezordinii. Numai că, din nefericire, asistăm în prezent la evenimente de rău augur pentru viitorul succes al unor astfel de planuri: Brexitul și instabilitatea Uniunii Europene, alunecări periculoase în naționalism și populism, conflicte internaționale mai mult sau mai puțin mocnite, crime cibernetice paralizante, agresivitatea rusească și chinezească etc.

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America secolului al lea va rămâne o super-putere singulară, absentă, dar, totuși, o super-putere 11 iunie Cei șapte magnifici s-au întâlnit Quebec săptămâna trecută pentru a discuta provocările la adresa ordinii globale produse de ultimele decizii economice ale Președintelui Trump.

Reacțiile unora dintre magnifici se pot desluși clar din poza de mai sus Figura 1. Înaintea mitingului, liderii G7 se întrebau dacă retorica lui Trump nu era doar o simplă retorică.

O parte din cei 7 magnifici adunați în Canada sursa 2 februarie Pe măsură ce Statele Unite se apropie tot mai mult de independența energetică, costurile masive, asociate cu menținerea tratatului Bretton Woods în stare de funcționare, sunt tot mai greu de justificat. Statele Unite nu mai au acum nevoie să patruleze la fel de intens liniile maritime din Golful Persic pentru a asigura transportul sigur al petrolului din Arabia Saudită către China, Japonia, Coreea de Sud sau Taiwan.

După terminarea mitingului, s-au convins, cu disperare neîncrezătoare, că Trump nu se joacă cu vorbele, el chiar face ceea ce spune. Din punctul meu de vedere, articulat în citatele de mai sus, întâlnirea tumultoasă a celor 7 magnifici este o confirmare a faptului că tratatul Bretton Woods — care a oferit securitate globală vreme de 7 decenii tuturor puterilor maritime și industriale, este în mare cumpănă.

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Lumea s-a schimbat după terminarea Războiului Rece și, încet, încet, s-a schimbat și America. Cei care au crezut că ideile politice ale Președintelui Trump sunt ceva amatoristic s-au înșelat.

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Acele idei sunt trăsăturile esențiale ale conglomeratului politic internațional actual. Sub Trump, americanii vor abandona, lent dar fără întoarcere, tratatul Bretton Woods. Timp de ani de zile, sectorul bancar a fost o mină de aur pentru serviciile de securitate, sumele găsite în apartamentul lui Cherkalin fiind extrem de mari până şi pentru un oligarh al petrolului sau pentru un miliardar din big tech.

Autorităţile de reglementare, incluzând aici Banca Centrală, au declarat că managerii de departament au furat circa 7 trilioane de ruble miliarde de dolari din asset-uri băncilor doar în ultimul deceniu.