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Dupã care, solicitat dinspre Grupul Anei Pauker, se întoarce basarabeanul nostru în România, unde ajunge mare mahãr, ghinãrar adicãtelea, apoi, dupã moartea lui Iosif Visarionovici ºi inflexarea naþional-comunistã a Regimului Dejian, odatã cu marginalizarea agenþilor Moscovei ºi altor stalenieni, se trezeºte dumnealui trecut la munci industriale, ca sã uite marxism-stalinismul si sã reînveþe marxism-leninismul în producþie. În aceastã situaþie, cercetãtorii au ajuns la concluzia cã numãrul mare de cuvinte se datoreazã unui anumit grad de inteligenþã al animalelor respective, care intuiesc ceea ce aºteaptã factorul uman ºi reuºesc sã formeze nu doar cuvinte, dar ºi propoziþii, chiar fraze specifice limbii respective. Dacã ne referim, în trecere, la identitatea noastrã naþionalã, ea pare mereu în crizã tocmai din cauza acestui fel de locuitori ai României. As the recognition that mercury damages the brains of our children has increased in the last two decades, EPA has had to lower the "acceptable" level more than once. Salmon in the wild have that color naturally from eating pink crustaceans, but those commercially raised have a gray flesh from eating fish meal.

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Years ago, we requested and were denied the results from a report on levels of arsenic and metals in fish and shellfish of commercial interest, by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography. After years of legal battle, we were finally able to get our hands on it, and the news wasnt good it turns out the contamination was high in several species sold in Spanish markets.

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In an almost uncomfortable twist, on April 14, a mere month after we finally got the full report, the Carlos III Health Institute released a study that showed high levels of mercury in the blood of Spanish citizens, higher than in other countries.

So, how does Mercury get into our food, and what does it do to us?

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Mercury from industrial sources enters the marine food chain where it becomes concentrated mainly in predators located at the top of it, such as shark and swordfish. When consumed, it affects the neurological system and can cause damaging health effects, such as lack of coordination, tremors, irritability, memory loss, blurred vision, headaches and depression.

It is therefore necessary to limit the consumption of those species which contain the highest levels of bioaccumulation. What were doing about it: We are calling on all chlorine plants using mercury cells, the main source of pink homar speed ​​dating contamination in the seas and pollution of fish species, to immediately adapt to Best Available Technologies BATs.

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Whats frustrating is that these do exist, there is in fact no reason for these plants to continue using old and contaminating technologies, and yet the EU recently extended the window to convert these plants to In addition, we are insisting that grocery stores in Spain and around Europe, particularly in countries that consume fish with higher pink homar speed ​​dating levels display warning signs so that all consumers are aware of the potential effects of this contamination.

We have a right to know whats in the food we buy to feed our families. Fish has some nutritional benefits. Fish contains high concentrations of protein and other essential nutrients, is low in saturated fat and provides the valuable omega pink homar speed ​​dating fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

There is overwhelming evidence that EPA and DHA contribute to brain and heart health and childrens proper growth and development. For these reasons, choosing fish over other animal products can be sensible.

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Fish is one of the most polluted foods we eat. Unfortunately, nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of methylmercury, which is poisonous to the brain. Mercury accumulates in fish when polluted water is filtered through their gills. The longer a fish lives, the more the mercury accumulates.

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Large fish eat small fish and accumulate all of the mercury that was in the small fish. This mounts up exponentially.

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Our tissues also accumulate the mercury of all the fish we eat throughout our lifetimes. No fish is completely free of mercury and other pollutants.

If you eat fish regularly, your body is undoubtedly high in mercury.

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High body stores of mercury cause brain damage and memory impairment, leading to dementia. It has been demonstrated that fish contain enough mercury to harm an unborn baby or harm a young childs developing nervous system. Every year, more thannewborns are thought to develop adverse neurodevelopmental effects because of mercury exposure in utero.

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Women must avoid fish for a few years before conception to guarantee that the baby is not harmed by mercury. Like mercury, other pollutants including PCBs, accumulate in fish and in the body tissues of people who pink homar speed ​​dating fish regularly.

These pollutants can remain in your body for decades, creating a higher risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

Toxicity of Fish and Seafood

Many people who would be disgusted at the thought of drinking polluted water think nothing of eating polluted fish, in which the pollutants are much more concentrated. Fish, heart disease, and breast cancer The blood-thinning effects of EPA and DHA can counter the pro-inflammatory diet rich in animal products and saturated fat that most people eat.

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However, the best way to prevent a heart attack or stroke is to follow a high nutrient diet with little or no animal products, so that you do not produce a pro-inflammatory environment in your body.

Also, whereas fish oil has anti-clotting and anti- arrhythmic effects that may reduce the risk of heart attack, these benefits from eating fish are offset by mercury exposure, which increases heart attack risk. Since fish oils inhibit blood clotting, they present another problem they increase the likelihood of bleeding from the delicate vessels in the brain, causing a hemorrhagic pink homar speed ​​dating.