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In the future, further progress is expected on issues such as adoption of multiannual plans and the revision of the fisheries control system. This is an update of an earlier briefing issued in advance of the European elections. The vowels have two writing forms: one standing alone, at the beginning of the word or after another vowel and the other one after a consonant. Create new opportunities while you work, making use of shared break-out areas for meeting others and collaborating, and take advantage of regular networking and personal growth events at your chosen location.

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Hi[ modificare sursă ] Hi bro! I improved a little the template stub you began.

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It new workmaking really a lot of work making this wiki as it is now translating the interface. That skill bazat, the "Torino troll" that uses to criticize on Main Page talk, did not make a single attempt to contribute here new workmaking see how hard it is at the beginning of this wiki, how slowly new workmaking since there are a lot of neologisms, scientific terms that need to be established to make rmy.

As for Devanagari, as I repeated earlier it is not new workmaking to anyone, the one who wants to write only in Latin, can do it without any problem.

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As for representativity, I'm sorry that the other Romani contributor, Naayram only in the early stagesdoes not have a full-time home Internet connection to see the others how new workmaking is writing in Devanagari by literate Roma.

And let's see in the future when there will be contributors speaking more dialects, how will we understand the pronunciation of words in different dialects, if not but through Devanagari.

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I improved also, the article about Devanagari, about the writing rules. The vowels have two writing forms: one standing alone, at the beginning of the word or after another vowel and the other one after a consonant.

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You have to employ also the second one :. The list of the two forms is here.

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As for the reply I gave you in the Main Page talk, maybe in the sunny multicultural California, almost nobody bothers about Roma, but where I live Romania every word a Rom says might be misinterpreted by most but not all of the non-Roma to prove the bad prejudices they have, since the general attitude is still quite negative.

So, when I say something I keep in mind a possible hijack of the meaning, making me careful about new workmaking expression. Also I'd like to ask you which blank articles did you see.

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I meant one article, eh. I need to watch what I write, I found it using the random page thing so I don't know where it is.